Challenges of CBTE’s in Kenya

  • Training: CBT groups and staff require further training to make their services more professional. 
  • Developing a Recognized CBT Brand: As CBT is often more expensive than comparable tourism products, recognition of the integrity of the CBT brand is essential if it is to stand out from the competition.
  • Developing Participatory CBT Standards: There is no mutually accepted set of standards for Thai CBT. Standards would support brand differentiation and catalyze product development. Community participation is necessary in the development of CBT standards, so that they are considered ‘fair to all.’
  • Ensuring Good Coordination and Communication: This is an essential element of success in the tourism industry, where logistical arrangements can change by the hour, and expectations must be met! In particular, international tour operators and youth group study-trip coordinators require professional coordination, often in English. 
  • Setting Marketing Volume Goals / Limits: As rural people lack the knowledge, skills and resources to plan and implement marketing activities, it reduces their influence over the type and volume of their guests. Some groups are struggling to attract guests while others are there in risk of exceeding ‘Carrying Capacities’.
  • Increasing Volume and Product Diversity for Tour Operators: ‘Carrying Capacities’ of CBT projects are often lower than the passenger volumes that tour operators require. Low volume increases unit cost for tour operators. In addition, CBT projects are now promoted individually. Tour operators prefer to choose from a broad spread of products.


The Kenya Community Based Tourism Network (KECOBAT) network was launched in August 2003 as a membership umbrella organization representing the interest of Community Based Tourism (CBT) organizations in Kenya.

It aims to facilitate information sharing; delivering appropriate technical support and advisory services; mediating and lobbying their interests to government and other relevant institutions and thereby integrating community concerns into national tourism.

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