Business Development and Marketing

  •  Developing and implementing cooperative marketing campaigns, partnership agreements and foster cooperation of the industry
  • KECOBAT promotes investments through the support to CBTE’s and private sector on investment opportunities and partnership opportunities.
  • Developing  a comprehensive database on Community Based Tourism (CBT) and institutions involved in CBT in Kenya
  • Identify visitor’s trends, preferences and habits (i.e. assessing its contribution to Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product, Number of people employed, earning from this sub-sector, number of tourist standard beds and the number of international consolidated arrival)
  • Facilitate dialogue and partnerships between tourism operators with local communities and the informal sector to identify and sustain opportunities for the provision of goods and services. 


Marketing: Promotional Channels

  • Tourism fairs: these are a very effective form of promotion, as it allows you to survey and contact multiple tour operators relatively inexpensively. CBT-I have attended the ITB, Reispavillon, World Travel Mart and Vakantiebeures. Pre-fair marketing, strong presentation, and good follow up are essential. The Dutch government is funding CBT projects to attend the Vakantiebeures.
  • Project Website: so far this has been more successful as information-giving tool than a promotion tool; however, CBT-I are developing it’ experience in web marketing. 
  • Sustainable tourism websites: Major sites like and communities such as ECOCLUB have generated interest in CBT programs.
  • Word of Mouth: approximately 30% of CBT-I enquiries are generated through W.o.M.
  • Guidebooks and articles: CBT-I usually don’t promote in guide books, because it’s impossible to control the numbers of guests or know when guests will arrive, which can be risky in terms of carrying capacity. 
  • Conferences: Attending conferences has been effective marketing for ‘CBT know-how’ - training and consultancy services.


The Kenya Community Based Tourism Network (KECOBAT) network was launched in August 2003 as a membership umbrella organization representing the interest of Community Based Tourism (CBT) organizations in Kenya.

It aims to facilitate information sharing; delivering appropriate technical support and advisory services; mediating and lobbying their interests to government and other relevant institutions and thereby integrating community concerns into national tourism.

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